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Compliance Partners with X1 and Brainspace for Real-Time, Pre-Collection Analysis of Unstructured Data Across Thousands of Custodians

New York, NY, January 24, 2019—Compliance Discovery Solutions (, an integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider, X1 (, an industry leader in enterprise-class, distributed eDiscovery and GRC technology and Brainspace ( ), a legal investigative analytics solutions company, today announced a partnership to integrate the X1 Enterprise Platform into Compliance’s Discovery-as-a-Service (DaaS) eDiscovery platform, including the use of Brainspace data analytics.

This partnership provides corporate clients instant access to information from any custodian for eDiscovery, investigations and compliance purposes, with the ability to analyze data pre-collection using Brainspace, seamlessly uploading post-processed, reviewable data sets directly into Compliance’s DaaS platform.

X1’s unique distributed architecture challenges the traditional collection process by indexing electronically stored information at the custodial endpoint, enabling pre-collection early case assessment, analytics through Brainspace, filtering and search of custodial data in-place, regardless of where it resides. This innovative technology and workflow results in far faster and more precise collections and a more informed strategy in any matter.

Working together, X1 and DaaS dramatically increase speed to review via direct upload into a client’s Relativity review workspace, delivering significant savings and efficiencies to corporate clients. With the XI Enterprise Platform as part of the DaaS ecosystem, clients can now manage and control all of their data from the DaaS unified platform. This combined solution provides access to the entire process of information governance, pre-discovery, eDiscovery, investigations, compliance, audit and security controls.

The X1 Enterprise Platform, installed within a client’s IT infrastructure, allows companies to:

  • Index individual workstations, shares and cloud drives prior to collection
  • Review, investigate, filter, cull and process data prior to collection
  • Use Brainspace analytics on data prior to collection
  • Evaluate, in an iterative process, pre-collection search results for a more focused collection
  • Load fully processed data directly from X1 into a Relativity Review workspace

”Corporate clients care most about a quick, informed and cost-effective outcome to their eDiscovery and GRC projects – and rightly so,” said Craig Carpenter, X1 CEO.  “Why it takes weeks and months to even collect data let alone figure out what happened in a particular matter and why outside counsel review bills are so high is a mystery to corporate legal, compliance and privacy professionals.  It is also wholly unnecessary.  By contrast, a powerful, end-to-end offering like Compliance’s DaaS with X1 and Brainspace gives corporate clients exactly what they want; an expedited, fully informed process with price certainty from the outset. This is a highly compelling solution for Compliance clients and prospects that we are very excited about.”

“Our partnership with X1 is a game-changer. Combining the powers of our DaaS managed service platform with X1’s Enterprise Platform allows us to cut ECA and collection timeframes from weeks or months to hours. This collaboration gives us the ability to easily handle even the most challenging of custodians in corporate applications, repositories and in the cloud.  X1 Enterprise v2.0 delivers enormous value to our clients, which in turn gives us a significant competitive advantage,” said Marc Zamsky, President and COO of Compliance Discovery Solutions.

Compliance’s DaaS platform allows clients access to a full array of custom and integrated tools that distinguish Compliance’s DaaS platform from any other managed services program or out-of-the-box application on the market today. Compliance’s platform combines the power of Nuix processing, Relativity and Brainspace’s Discovery 6 advanced analytics software, tied together through custom programming and applications to provide a unique eDiscovery experience available as a subscription or pay-as-you-go environment.

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About Compliance
Compliance Discovery Solutions ( is a state-of-the-art integrated eDiscovery services and managed review provider. Through a combination of cutting edge technology, secure SSAE 16 SOC certified data centers and a national footprint of document review space, Compliance helps corporate legal departments and their outside counsel manage critical and complex legal matters. Compliance is a System One ( division.

About X1
X1 ( makes enterprise information actionable, in-place wherever it resides, for eDiscovery, GRC, privacy or productivity needs.  With over 600,000 users in 20,000 different organizations globally, X1 solutions address mission-critical needs every day.

About Brainspace
Brainspace ( is altering the field of digital investigations through the unique combination of machine learning technology and interactive data visualizations. Our unique solutions utilize our patented Brainspace platform and are leading the industry in text analytics, e-discovery, digital investigations and defense intelligence. Customers include Fortune 500 enterprises, global consulting firms, legal service providers and government agencies.