Craig Ball, Ball in Your Court: Protect your Meetings From Zoom Bombers

Extract from Craig Ball’s article “Protect your Meetings From Zoom Bombers”

Distanced by Coronavirus, lawyers and teachers are flocking to the teleconferencing platform Zoom to meet and share screens.  Zoom is also turning up as a way to emulate face-to-face social interactions ranging from AA meetings and book clubs to happy hours and rock concerts.  Last week, the Chipotle fast food chain sought to bring a little joy to COVID-stressed customers by hosting an online concert with singer/songwriter Lauv. Things didn’t go as planned, and there’s a lesson there for lawyers and others needing meeting security.

Per Tressie Lieberman, Chipotle’s VP of digital and off-premise, “As we saw large scale events begin to get cancelled, we wanted to act fast and give our fans something to get excited about despite being surrounded by negative news.” 

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