Dan Clark, Corporate Counsel: Increasing Number of Legal Departments Are Insourcing E-Discovery

Extract from Dan Clark’s article “Increasing Number of Legal Departments Are Insourcing E-Discovery”

Legal departments have decided to bring e-discovery services in-house as a way to cut costs and have better control over their litigation-related data, according to a report published by Exterro on Thursday.

According to “The State of E-Discovery 2020,” which compiled data from several different legal reports published in the last year, 50% of legal departments have built-in e-discovery services.
Michael Hamilton, senior managing director of marketing at Exterro in Portland, said over the past couple of years there has been a trend in legal departments insourcing the e-discovery process. He explained that legal departments that have a high frequency of litigation were the first to insource the process and have begun to stop outsourcing the collection and review of data.

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