Dan Lear, Procertas: Post-Hire Training and Development – Part 4 of 4

Extract from Dan Lear’s article “Post-Hire Training and Development – Part 4 of 4”

Ed. note: This is the fourth and final post from attorney and Procertas expert John Strohmeyer of Strohmeyer Law, PLLC. We’re excited to have him sharing his experiences screening job candidates for competence with the tools of basic legal technology.

At this point, I’ve covered the initial and secondary Microsoft Word tests I have job candidates go through as part of the hiring process. After candidates complete an interview with a staff member and me, we make a hiring decision. If the candidate accepts a job offer, we can rest knowing that the candidate, now an employee, has all of the skills they need, right?

No, of course we can’t stop there.

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