Daniel Gold, KC Chapter President: On Collaboration for Lawyers – LegalBusinessWorld (page 62)

Extract from Daniel Gold’s article “On Collaboration for Lawyers Why it’s not what you think” published in LegalBusinessWorld

As children, most of us stood there in front of a new world with uncapped curiosity and boundless enthusiasm for life. Early on, our parents taught us how important it was to get along with others, say “please” and “thank you”, and always try to work out a conflict through cooperation. Then, some of us go to law school, become lawyers — and suddenly, those life lessons go out the door! As lawyers, we’re taught the value of strategic thinking in every aspect of what we do; almost as if every new matter is a new game of chess against a new opponent. We are taught that our opposing counsel is really our adversary and we argue motions, and as such, we up the gamesmanship and perhaps hide some of our pawns. The idea of cooperation between lawyers, therefore, tends to naturally get lost by the wayside.

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