Dave Ruel, Hanzo: Expectation Versus Reality: Collecting Data From Google Workspace


Extract from Dave Ruel’s article “Expectation Versus Reality: Collecting Data From Google Workspace”

Our expectations don’t always match reality. You probably have your own examples: you’ve seen a gorgeous photo of a meal or a DIY project and thought, hey, I could do that! Sometimes it works out, and other times—well, you end up making a meme about expectation versus reality. 

The same thing can happen with collecting data from Google Workspace. Businesses that use Google Workspace to manage and collaborate on their documents appreciate it as a convenient and helpful solution, especially for remote teams who need to work on documents together despite being in dispersed physical locations. But suppose those organizations haven’t yet incorporated the data from Google Workspace into their broader information governance pipeline. In that case, they may have unrealistic expectations about how challenging it will be to search, preserve, and manage that data. 

So, what happens when the legal team gets notice of a potential litigation matter—and learns that all of the responsive data is likely to be in Google Workspace? If you’re not prepared, you may be met with a very costly and time-consuming ediscovery experience.

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