Derek Duarte: Tomorrow’s Lawyers Will Need Tomorrow’s “Discoverers” To Accomplish Their Goals

Extract from Derek Duarte’s article “Tomorrow’s Lawyers Will Need Tomorrow’s “Discoverers” To Accomplish Their Goals”

Ten years ago, Richard Susskind released the first edition of his book Tomorrow’s Lawyers, which provides a look at the future of the legal profession, especially for new and aspiring lawyers, and anyone else who wants to modernize our legal and justice systems.

Susskind released a second edition in 2017 and he recently released the third edition of his book (available here), which asks this question:

“Will there ever be a day, though, when tomorrow’s lawyers will be today’s lawyers, and so no further editions will be required? To ask that question is to misunderstand the era in which we now live and labour. Over and above changes that are brought by the horrors of pandemic and war, technology is advancing at such a ferocious rate that, for the foreseeable future, we must expect to be operating in law in a period of endless flux.”

Technology is just one of the factors forcing legal modernization, the growth and potential of data and how humans adapt to all of it is transforming the legal industry.

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