DISCO: Introducing Cecilia Doc Summaries, Powered by Generative AI

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Extract from DISCO’s article “Introducing Cecilia Doc Summaries, Powered by Generative AI”

DISCO is excited to roll out a new feature in our Cecilia generative AI solutions suite: Cecilia doc summaries.

If you’re familiar with DISCO, you’ve already seen how our AI solutions have radically reduced the time our customers spend on tedious tasks that require no legal expertise. (Think deposition summaries, automatic timeline generation, document review, and fact investigation.)

Now, the Cecilia doc summaries feature joins our award-winning ediscovery platform to speed your time to evidence and fast-track your understanding of your case. 

What is Cecilia doc summaries?

Let’s say you’re doing document review. It’s already slow going, made slower by long documents and foreign language documents that must be read or translated before you can tag them.

Or you’re a busy attorney trying to understand the facts of your case, and these long and/or foreign language documents slow you down – or cause you to miss critical information.

With Cecilia doc summaries, you can instantly get a concise summary of documents with a single click.

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