Doug Austin, CloudNine: eDiscovery Best Practices

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “If You’re Reading This, It Probably Doesn’t Apply to You: eDiscovery Best Practices”

On the veritable eve of the annual Georgetown Law Center eDiscovery Training Academy (covered by us here), Craig Ball (who is in the midst of that very academy now) has asked the question Have We Lost the War on E-Discovery?  But, if you’re reading that (or this blog post), it probably doesn’t apply to you.

In Craig’s post from last Thursday, he notes that the idea that there is a war on eDiscovery “[s]ounds like a paranoid notion, but the evidence is everywhere.”  He observes that he is “flummoxed by how the tide has turned to anti-discovery topics”, such as proportionality, privacy, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and cybersecurity.

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