Doug Austin, CloudNine: eDiscovery Markets Are Growing and Legal Tech Investments Are “Skyrocketing”

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “eDiscovery Markets Are Growing and Legal Tech Investments Are “Skyrocketing”. So, Who’s Buying?”

No, I don’t mean who’s buying the drinks.  Though the growth of the markets and the growth in legal tech investment is certainly worth celebrating (especially for those who’ve seen their investments pay off).  ;o)  But what I’m asking is: who’s buying the technology?

First, the investment part.  As discussed earlier this week in Legaltech News® (As Legal Tech Investments Skyrocket, Startups Combat Tech Adoption Perceptions, written by Victoria Hudgins), it’s been a record-setting year for investments in legal tech, with the industry reaching the $1.2 billion threshold this year for the first time, according to Bob Ambrogi’s excellent LawSites blog.  And, that was as of the middle of September!

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