Doug Austin, CloudNine: If You’re “Certifiable”, You Must Be “Committed”: eDiscovery Trends

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “If You’re “Certifiable”, You Must Be “Committed”: eDiscovery Trends” 

Like CloudNine and our eDiscovery Daily Blog, ACEDS has been committed to education of eDiscovery professionals in a variety of ways, through webinars (some of which we have partnered with them on) and other educational programs, and especially through certifications.  It wasn’t that long ago that an industry survey showed that eDiscovery professionals were only slightly more than 50-50 on eDiscovery certifications, but the ACEDS certification today has clout like never before.  The ACEDS certification could make the difference between getting that important eDiscovery job and not getting it.  So, if you’re certifiable – and you’re committed – that could actually be a good thing (at least from an eDiscovery standpoint, if not a psychological one).

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