Doug Austin, CloudNine: In Search of Cases Where Production of Databases Has Been Ordered

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “In Search of Cases Where Production of Databases Has Been Ordered: eDiscovery Case Law”

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel continues, which means Case Week on the eDiscovery Channel (a.k.a., eDiscovery Daily) continues as well.  Despite a few technical difficulties early on, Tom O’Connor and I had another great webcast yesterday on Key eDiscovery Case Law Review for the First Half of 2019 (which, if you missed it, can be viewed here).  During the webcast, one attendee asked about case law examples where parties have been ordered to produce (or provide access to) databases in response to discovery requests, so I’ve done some research and have the results here.

In his question yesterday, he provided an example of a party having to provide an actuarial database, but was looking for case law where parties have had to produce any kind of database in discovery.

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