Doug Austin, CloudNine: It’s Time for Your Annual “Mashup” of eDiscovery Market Estimates!

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “It’s Time for Your Annual “Mashup” of eDiscovery Market Estimates!: eDiscovery Trends”

The appearance of the mashed potato graphic can only mean one thing.  Nope, not that it’s Thanksgiving week (though, many of us will enjoy our mashed potatoes this Thursday).  It means that it’s time for the eDiscovery Market Size Mashup that Rob Robinson compiles and presents on his Complex Discovery site each year.

It’s become an annual tradition for Rob to release it earlier and earlier each year, and, this year, he released his worldwide eDiscovery services and software overview for 2019 to 2024 on November 12 (not quite before Halloween like I predicted last year, but still eight days earlier than last year, so it might happen next year).

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