Doug Austin, CloudNine: Observations about Legaltech 2020 from Attendees

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Observations about Legaltech 2020 from Attendees”

Once again, we’ve completed another Legaltech New York (LTNY).  So, what did attendees at the conference think about this year’s show?  Let’s take a look.

As I’ve done the past four years, I reached out to several attendees (some of whom I met with during the show) to get their thoughts and impressions of this year’s show.  As always, these should be taken as their personal opinions and observations regarding the show, not those of their employer or clients.  As always, we had several who responded with their thoughts, so thanks to all who did!  So many that, once again, we’re going to spread these observations over two days.  Here we go!

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