Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Clawbacks, Redactions, and Formats…Oh My! at ILTA-ON Today

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Clawbacks, Redactions, and Formats…Oh My! at ILTA-ON Today: eDiscovery Best Practices”

As I’ve been noting all week, I’ll be speaking today at 12:45pm CT in the Litigation Support track at the ILTA>ON virtual conference. The session is titled Clawbacks, Redactions, and Formats…Oh My! will also include Rachel McAdams, eDiscovery Technical Specialist with A&L Goodbody; Cristin Traylor, Discovery Counsel with McGuire Woods LLP and Cindy MacBean, Litigation Support Manager with Honigman LLP (who will be moderating).  Whether you’re able to attend the session or not, here are a couple of notable topics we’ll be discussing during the session.

Clawbacks and Rule 502(d) Orders
One of the most important considerations to address in eDiscovery is protecting yourself against inadvertent disclosures.  While the best clawback is the one you never have to make, mistakes can sometimes happen regardless of how thorough your QC processes are, so it’s important to file a Rule 502(d) order early in the case to protect yourself.

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