Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: For Government Entities, Cybercrime is an Information Governance Problem

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “For Government Entities, Cybercrime is an Information Governance Problem”

Many of us are keeping an eye on the Russia-Ukraine situation these days, and the situation seems to get more serious, not just daily, but hourly. The situation has worldwide ramifications in just about every way possible, including economically and (of course) the potential toll on human lives.

With the situation involving Russia, another potential ramification is cybercrime, and that impact affects not just corporations in the US, but potentially US government entities as well.

Russia-Ukraine from a Cyber Perspective

Russia has been battling with Ukraine for years, not just recently. And the conflict hasn’t just been on the battlefield; it has also been in cyberspace as well. In June 2017, a new variant of the malware Petya was used for a global cyberattack, primarily targeting Ukraine. That new version was dubbed “NotPetya” to distinguish it from previous variants and it targeted a Ukrainian tax preparation program that was considered to be “de facto” among companies doing business in the country.

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