Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Getting a “Clue” About eDiscovery Stakeholders, Part One

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Getting a “Clue” About eDiscovery Stakeholders, Part One: eDiscovery Best Practices”

Yesterday may have been “eDiscovery Case Law Day”, but this week is “Stakeholder Week”!  On Tuesday, I started a new series for the Ipro blog regarding the 5 Stakeholder Groups of the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM).  But, I also recently covered project management best practices for a company training that I did recently and one of the topics within that discussion was eDiscovery stakeholders, where we used the board game “Clue” to illustrate the various potential stakeholders in a typical eDiscovery project.

Anybody remember the old board game “Clue”?  It’s been around so long, even I played it as a kid.  The typical eDiscovery project today often has as many stakeholders as characters in the board game Clue and it’s a “lead pipe” cinch that if you give them enough “rope” without proper management, they will certainly “wrench” your project, leaving you to wonder “whodunnit” and why.  Is that enough puns for one sentence?  ;o)

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