Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: Live Photo Proves to Be Cheater’s Undoing

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “Live Photo Proves to Be Cheater’s Undoing”

Wow, how did I miss this story?!? This article from Forensic Discovery discusses what happens when an innocent photo sent to a woman from her boyfriend reveals his cheating to her – because he didn’t realize he was sending a Live Photo from his iPhone.

Their article Cheaters Get Caught When the iPhone Photo is More Than Just a Photo starts out this way:

Imagine this scenario. A woman’s boyfriend is traveling and sends her a photo from his iPhone of a hotel bed with a cuddly toy by the pillow and says he misses her. Sweet, right?

Not so, when the woman clicks on the “live” version of the photo. That version shows a brief second of another woman falling on his bed and laughing.

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