Doug Austin, eDiscovery Today: That’s No Hype! eDiscovery Software is On the Slope of Enlightment!

Extract from Doug Austin’s article “That’s No Hype! eDiscovery Software is On the Slope of Enlightment!”

And, according to Gartner, so are technologies like Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, Ethics and Compliance Management and Enterprise Legal Management.

Earlier this month, Gartner published a press release titled Gartner Identifies the Legal and Compliance Technologies to Focus on Post COVID-19 (hat tip to Rob Robinson’s excellent Complex Discovery blog for the coverage) where it listed the 31 “must watch” legal technologies to allow legal and compliance leaders to identify innovations that will allow them to act faster.  According to Gartner, those leaders can use this information for internal planning and prioritization of emerging innovations.

“Legal and compliance leaders must collaborate with other stakeholders to garner support for organization wide and function wide investments in technology,” said Zack Hutto, director in the Gartner Legal and Compliance practice.

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