Doug Austin: LLM-Generated Articles Are Beginning to Overrun Research Literature

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Extract from Doug Austin’s article “LLM-Generated Articles Are Beginning to Overrun Research Literature”

Surprised? I’m not. Apparently, LLM-generated articles are beginning to overrun research literature and editors are missing obvious signs of them.

According to The Scholarly Kitchen (The Latest “Crisis” — Is the Research Literature Overrun with ChatGPT- and LLM-generated Articles?, written by David Crotty and available here), Elsevier has been under the spotlight this month for publishing a paper that contains a clearly ChatGPT-written portion of its introduction. The first sentence of the paper’s Introduction reads, “Certainly, here is a possible introduction for your topic:…” To date, the article remains unchanged, and un-retracted.

A second paper, containing the phrase “I’m very sorry, but I don’t have access to real-time information or patient-specific data, as I am an AI language model” was subsequently found, and similarly remains unchanged.

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