E-Discovery Day 2020

When:Thursday, December 3, 2020
All Day
Contact:ACEDS Customer Service
[email protected]

Please join ACEDS for the 6th Annual E-Discovery Day! 


[WEBINAR] What Happened? The Major Talking Points in UK E-Discovery Throughout 2020

Time: 2:30-3:30pm GMT
Speakers: Bryant Isbell, Gary Foster, Ben Sigler, and Stuart Davidson
Description: What impact has COVID caused? How has the massive exodus from offices to remote working disrupted practices? How have regulatory decisions and increased technology usage started to shape the e-discovery market? Will E-Discovery ever be the same again!? Join ACEDS and Exterro to kick things off on E-Discovery Day. The interactive panel will explore some of the biggest updates and events throughout the turbulent year of 2020 across the e-discovery industry in the UK.

[WEBINAR] ACEDS Benelux Chapter: LegalTech Education in the Benelux

Time: 3-4pm CET
Speakers: Prof. Jaap van den Herik, Joort Visser, Ellen Oudejans , Lydwine Pijloo, Anne Elburg, Prof Dr Arthur Dyevre, Ilona Opdorp-van de Kooi, Peter van der Wijden, and Prof. ir. Jan Scholtes
Description: One of the goals that the Benelux Chapter of the Association for Certified eDiscovery Specialist (ACEDS) wants to achieve is to promote Legal Technology education. This leads to certification and further professionalization of our field. Law firms, forensic accountants, corporations, governments, regulators are all clamoring for lawyers and researchers who also have the right technical skills. Universities and colleges are regularly accused of not training the right people. Yet the Benelux is at the forefront in Europe when it comes to LegalTech education. This December 3 is World eDiscovery Day, a good time for ACEDS Benelux to give the floor to colleges and universities. During the webinar we will address the following questions: How have they embraced LegalTech and included it in their education? How is the responsible use of LegalTech taught to lawyers and researchers. How can companies and governments benefit or participate in LegalTech education Various other topics are also discussed: Legal Big Data, Contract Analysis, Legal Design, Automatic Legal Decision Systems, automatic appeal, eCourts … more happens than you think!

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS New York Metro Chapter: Enduring Impact of Covid on Managed Document Review

Time: 11am-12pm ET
Speakers: Deeanna Fleener, Brad Schaffel, Jordan Ellington, and Todd Mattson 
Description: In this webinar, panelists will discuss: What remote review looks like from a security perspective; Partnership between law firm, client, hosting provider and review provider; What reviewer training looks like remotely; What Review Management looks like remotely; and Lessons learned so far.

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS Jacksonville Chapter: eDiscovery Job Roles Revealed

Time: 12-1pm ET
Speakers: Serena Selzer, Joseph Rogan, Sean Snyder, Renee Fusinato-Cook, Brad Koehler, and Suzanne Clark
Description: Join the ACEDS Jacksonville Chapter for A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Different Types of eDiscovery Roles Responding to Discovery. Have you ever wondered what everyone else in eDiscovery does all day? Why does opposing counsel do things a certain way? How do litigation holds come into play under different scenarios, e.g. what are all the legal decisions to consider? How is collection from a consumer plaintiff different from collection of a corporations ESI? What is the involvement level of different types of clients in ESI identification and collection? How is technology used to quickly cull out junk and quickly identify privilege from the start?

[WEBINAR] A Year of Transition for eDiscovery: What We Learned in 2020 and Where It Will Take Us

Time: 2-3pm ET
Speakers: Brad Blickstein, Mike Quartararo, and Jim Gill
Description: 2020 has been a challenging year to say the least! With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, law firms, corporate legal teams, ALSPs, and the courts have all had to make adjustments. As we come to the end of the year, it’s important to consider how these changes will affect the industry for 2021 and beyond.Join us for this eDiscovery Day webinar, co-sponsored with ACEDS, to hear industry leaders Brad Blickstein and Michael Quartararo discuss the past year and what may lie ahead.In this webinar we will discuss: The effect of remote work on the legal industry; Significant Rulings and Laws in 2020; Changes to eDiscovery Workflow / Technology; and How to Prepare for 2021.

[WEBINAR] New Techniques for Finding Relevant Data Faster

Time: 2-3pm ET
Speakers: Tara Jones, MBA, Brett Tarr, and Tiana Van Dyk
Description: FACT: The most expensive stage in e-discovery is document review, often accounting for 80% or more of total e-discovery costs. Unfortunately though, many legal departments haven’t seen their document review costs decline. Attempts often fail because they don’t get to the root of the problem: too much data is preserved, collected and sent to outside entities. In the third webcast in Exterro’s E-Discovery Masters Series, a panel of experts from Verizon Media, Ernst & Young and Epiq will discuss the best approaches for implementing Legal GRC protocols that create an efficient and cost effective e-discovery strategy. Register for this on-demand webcast and learn: Practices for identifying responsive data at the earliest stages in the matter; Why a Legal GRC strategy is a must have to streamline data requests that legal must manage; How to update and modify your information governance and e-discovery preservation / collection processes to see immediate benefits

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS Toronto and Vancouver Chapters: eDiscovery Across Canada – How We Are Alike and How Are We Different?

Time: 3pm – 4pm ET
Speakers: Chris Walker, Natasha Doucas, Yann Pelletier, Gretel Best, and Tracy Mettimano
Description: People, process, technology and data are continually driving change in the world of eDiscovery. However, what is the impact of these forces across different regions in Canada and how are different regions tackling the challenges they are facing? In this panel we will explore the current eDiscovery landscape across Canada, trends in various regions and we will discuss how various organizations are responding to these trends.
Sponsored by: Ricoh

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS Wisconsin Chapter: E-Discovery Day Wine & Cheese Networking Event

Time: 5-6pm ET
Description: Registration has closed as the deadline to order wine has passed. This is an opportunity to enjoy a glass of Wine from Door Peninsula Winery with your fellow chapter members. Please invite a co-worker or colleague in the E-Discovery industry!
Sponsored by: DISCO, Everlaw, Legility, and Special Counsel

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS IDEAA Committee: The Myth of Women in the Workplace

Time: 4-5pm ET
Speakers: Monica Harris, Kelly Twigger, and Emily Wyllie-Ballard
Description: There are a lot of myths surrounding women and workplace success. When it comes to the professional women, there’s no shortage of generalizations and understanding the complexity, nuances and individual experiences of our panelists is the start of debunking those myths. During this panel discussion, each panelist will share how they have overcome biases including cultural assumptions, compensation challenges and lifestyle choices.

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS Ohio Chapter: 3 C’s Charity Bingo Battle

Time: 5:30-6:30pm ET
Description: Let’s Rediscover Each Other On E-Discovery Day – Join the ACEDS Ohio Chapter for the 3 C’s Charity Bingo Battle! Wondering what everyone else is up to? Put on your favorite FESTIVE attire, grab your beverage of choice and join us to chat with old and new FRIENDS. With a donation of $20 or more you can participate in a FUN game of Bingo. The Bingo winner will receive a small token and UNLIMITED bragging rights. All monetary donations will go to a children’s hospital CHARITY in Cincinnati, Cleveland or Columbus. Participant voting will decide which of the 3 C’s wins the charity $$$, so be sure to invite others from your region.

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS South Florida Chapter: eDiscovery Day Holiday Social

Time: 5:30-7:30pm ET
Hosted with: SFPA, b-Discovery, South Florida Litigation Support & Paralegal Professionals, and Women in eDiscovery
Description: SFPA is collaborating with ACEDS, b-Discovery, South Florida Litigation Support & Paralegal Professionals, and Women in eDiscovery to host a fun and free virtual Happy Hour in celebration of eDiscovery Day! Grab your favorite cocktail/snack and join us on Zoom on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 5:30 pm.

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS Orange County Chapter: eDiscovery Day Happy Hour: Scavenger Hunt and Ugly Sweater Contest

Time: 5-6pm PT
Description: Come join the ACEDS Orange County Chapter, Women in eDiscovery San Diego and Orange County as we celebrate eDiscovery Day with a Happy Hour, Scavenger Hunt/Ugly Sweater contest. Prizes will be awarded for the the semi-finalist for the first round of the scavenger hunt and a grand prize overall winner. Plus, a prize for the Ugly Sweater Contest. Details for the Ugly Sweater Contest will be sent out by December 1, 2020.
Sponsored by: Mangalam, H5, and Conduent

[VIRTUAL EVENT] ACEDS San Francisco Chapter: Ride With Us on Your Peloton

Time: 4pm PT
Description: Join the San Francisco Chapter & the global eDiscovery Community for Robin Arzon’s 30-Minute On-demand Pop Ride dated 10/24/2020. *Stationary Bike Users can download the Peloton App free for 30 days.


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