eDiscovery Advisory: eDiscovery Productions in Business Productivity Suites: Truly End-to-End?

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Extract from Jason Velasco’s article “eDiscovery Productions in Business Productivity Suites: Truly End-to-End?”

I work with many clients that implement cloud-based messaging and storage systems like Microsoft 365 (M365) and Google Workspace to manage their enterprise. I’m a proponent of moving enterprise systems to the cloud and generally encourage IT organizations to consider all manner of cloud solutions.

Legal hold and eDiscovery needs are often secondary (or tertiary or not even considered) in the decision to move messaging and storage to the cloud especially when an organization is not regularly dealing with eDiscovery or data subject access requests (DSAR).

Do these tools help enable an “End-to-End” eDiscovery workflow? My definition of an “End-to-End” eDiscovery solution starts with legal hold, data identification, data processing, data review, data search (basic and advanced), and data productions.

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