eDiscovery Expert Tom O’Connor Reviews CloudNine Platform

What I Like About CloudNine
An eDiscovery Platform Review by Tom O’Connor*

In my 30 plus years of experience as a consultant, author, and speaker in the field of automated litigation support systems, I’ve used almost every software program deployed for the litigation market. And I’ve also reviewed many them, beginning with my days in the 80’s working with the late Dick Robbins and eventually, after his untimely death, taking over the writing of his book The Automated Law Firm (ALF).

If I were rating CloudNine on the combined ALF scoring system, it would get a 9.9 out of 10. (see the rating chart at the end of this review).  I love this product and I’ll tell you why but before I do I’ll give some background on the software and its parent company, followed by a synopsis of my review findings and finally a little deeper look at some of the specific features.

Also, I should note that while I have done work as a consultant for CloudNine, the observations in this review reflect my professional opinion as one who has used and advised clients on the use of similar tools for eDiscovery and may or may not be those of the CloudNine Team.

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