EDRM: The eDiscovery Energy Wheel House by Jen Polzer, QDiscovery

Extract from Jen Polzer’s article “EDRM: The eDiscovery Energy Wheel House”

As an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist (UZIT), I have studied self-care modalities that primarily focus on the alignment and redistribution of our “wheel house” of energy, otherwise known as the body Chakras. When we have too much or too little energy devoted to one or more Chakra, the sense of feeling fearful, overemotional and indecisive can overcome the normal balance and communication between the mind and body. This unbalance can create nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, insomnia, headaches and confusion. Incorporating UZIT self-care modalities such as mindful movements, breath awareness, Reiki and meditation will promote the flow of alignment between Chakras. The body can function and the mind can stay present to manage the day to day chaos we encounter.

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