Elizabeth Guthrie, Nextpoint: Ediscovery Software for Small Law Firms: Making The Move from Paper

Extract from Elizabeth Guthrie’s article “Ediscovery Software for Small Law Firms: Making The Move from Paper”

The right software for small law firms can have a big impact. Read about how one attorney simplified his ediscovery process and improved trial presentation with Nextpoint.

As a veteran litigator and solo practitioner, Don Burns measured cases in banker’s boxes. For Don, a small case was one banker’s box worth of documents. A medium-sized case was two to six boxes. A big case maxed out at 10 to 15 boxes. So when he got a new case in the office with an initial data load of 100 boxes, he knew his approach and procedures would need to change.

The Challenge

For years, Don had used software created by a friend of his to keep track of his documents. The software worked, but it was clunky and slow, even on small cases. It was definitely not designed for the amount of information his new case would involve.

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