Epiq: Is it Time for a Discovery Health Check?


Extract from Epiq’s article “Is it Time for a Discovery Health Check?”

The world of eDiscovery is in a constant state of change. Modern data sources expand the pool of relevant information and may warrant special collection techniques. Court decisions and rules create new precedent and can alter deadlines. Emerging technologies warrant new ways to manage eDiscovery workflows. Client demands may call for unique processes or outside expertise. Whatever the obstacles may be, many legal departments have a fragmented eDiscovery program. Developing a long-term strategy can close operational gaps and uncover cost-savings opportunities. This is where performing a discovery health check is transformative. Organizations can make foundational and sustainable changes by implementing documented workflows, using advanced techniques, and developing trusted partnerships.

Industry Challenges

In the 2023 State of the Industry Report, eDiscovery Today and EDRM surveyed a mix of law firms, corporate counsel, service providers, consultants, government entities, and other legal professionals. When asked what eDiscovery challenge not enough people in the industry are talking about, the top response at 23.4 percent was lack of eDiscovery competence within the legal profession. Other top challenges included in-place indexing and the move to the left of the EDRM Model, discovery of collaboration app data, increased compliance activities resulting from data privacy trends, and increased cybersecurity to support more dispersed workforce.

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