Everlaw White Paper: Ediscovery Explained

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From the Basics of Ediscovery to the FutureEverlaw Whitepaper Cover
Ediscovery is one of the most fertile grounds for legal informatics, touching on everything from search and artificial intelligence to design and legal services transformation.

In this ebook, we’ll cover:

  • The basics of ediscovery, framed by the ubiquitous Electronic Discovery Reference Model
  • Core technical concepts in the ediscovery process, including text encodings, production protocols, and duplicate definition and detection
  • The relevant technologies central to efficient and effective ediscovery—such as cloud computing, encryption, transcoding, machine translation, and machine learning—and the modern design approaches that make this high-powered technology accessible to busy legal professionals
  • Our thoughts on the future of ediscovery

Download the full white paper here