Everlaw White Paper: Take Early Case Assessment (ECA) to the Next Level

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With Everlaw Search Term Reports and Data Visualizer
Study after study by expert groups such as the International Data Corporation have told us that data volumes worldwide are doubling every two years.

Without a way to reduce the incoming data volumes within ediscovery, costs will spiral out of control. This is where Early Case Assessment—typically called ECA—plays a critical role in focusing on the information needed to reduce data volumes. ECA can answer questions like these:ECA Whitepaper Cover

  • How much data do we have?
  • Who are the key custodians?
  • Where are the data sources?
  • What are the file types in the data?

Everlaw’s Search Term Reports and the new Data Visualizer provide you the means to analyze those facts and issues across your data set at a glance. In this way, ECA can play the critical role demanded by the 2015 amendments to:

  1. Get a quick first look at the identity of custodians and data sources
  2. Look for gaps to make sure you don’t miss any custodians or sources
  3. Test your search terms and learn the proper lingo of the case
  4. Make an initial assessment of the potential merits of the case
  5. Prepare for the 26(f) Meet & Confer, 16(b) discovery conference, and any discussion or battle beyond those

Download the full white paper here