Exterro’s 4th Annual Federal Judges Survey

Extract from Exterro’s “4th Annual Federal Judges Survey”

Reduce Legal Spend and Improve Defensibility

Critiques and Recommendations on E-Discovery Practice and Outcomes

In this fourth annual survey of federal judges, with our partners at BDO Consulting and EDRM at Duke Law, we have compiled and analyzed the responses of 30 judges to questions about attorney and judicial proficiency, recommendations for improvements, and the federal rules governing e-discovery. The judges still see significant room for improvement and offer their opinions on several recommended means to improve both e-discovery practices and outcomes.

Download this comprehensive report to learn:

  • Where attorneys need to improve their e-discovery skills—and how to do so
  • Which e-discovery practices and tools can yield the biggest returns
  • How judges see the FRCP and FRE shaping the future of e-discovery

Download the report here