Fall 2018 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey by ComplexDiscovery

Extract from Rob Robinson’s “Trends in Confidence and Metrics: Fall 2018 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey”

Editor’s Note: This is the twelfth quarterly eDiscovery business confidence survey conducted by ComplexDiscovery during the last three years, with more than 1,100 individual responses having been received from legal, business, and technology professionals across the eDiscovery ecosystem.

This quarter’s survey* is unique in the fact that it asks three additional questions beyond the standard nine business confidence questions asked during the previous eleven surveys. These new questions are focused on understanding operational business trajectories around the areas of days sales outstanding (DSO), monthly recurring revenue (MRR), and revenue distribution across customer bases.

As your opinion is important in helping form a complete picture of the business confidence of those operating in and around the eDiscovery ecosystem, please do take the time to complete this short, anonymized survey, as the results help all legal, business, and technology professionals in the eDiscovery ecosystem better understand the current state of business confidence and how their business is positioned regarding key operational metrics.

All questions are multiple-choice and the entire survey can be completed in less than two minutes.

Take the survey here