Fitbit Data and Murder Investigations (via @chrisdaleoxford)

Extract from Lisa Vaas’ article “Fitbit data leads to arrest of 90-year-old in stepdaughter’s murder”

On Saturday, 8 September, at 3:20 pm, Karen Navarra’s Fitbit recorded her heart rate spiking.

Within 8 minutes, the 67-year-old California woman’s heart beat rapidly slowed. At 3:28 pm, her heart rate ceased to register at all.

She was, in fact, dead – slouched in a chair at her dining room table, as a co-worker would find her five days later when Ms. Navarra failed to show up for work in a pharmacy. She had a gaping wound to her neck and wounds on the top of her head. In her right hand was a large kitchen knife, but police think that her murderer put it there to stage a suicide.

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