Frank Ready, ALM Media: 4 Ways Legal Is Adapting to Life Over Videoconference

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “4 Ways Legal Is Adapting to Life Over Videoconference”

In the absence of opportunities for genuine human-to-human contact during the COVID-19 pandemic, the legal industry seems to have deigned video conferencing as the next best thing. It’s how lawyers are getting their face in front of clients, how e-discovery providers are running security checks, and how legal tech conferences are adapting to a world of social distancing.

But embracing video isn’t as simple as creating a Zoom account. For one thing, Zoom has proven that video conferences aren’t impervious to hackers, meaning attorneys have to consider outlying security threats to client confidentiality. There’s also the overarching question of just how much videoconferencing people will continue to engage with after weeks spent staring into a camera.

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