Frank Ready, ALM Media: E-discovery Treads Into New Territory—and New Problems—With EU Expansions

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “E-discovery Treads Into New Territory—and New Problems—With EU Expansions”

For a jurisdiction with little to no discovery process, the EU and its stringent privacy requirements may have already emerged as the next frontier for e-discovery providers looking to expand their business outside of the United States. However, the region’s relative inexperience with e-discovery could still emerge as a hindrance for vendors eyeing an EU-based expansion.

Still, where the customers go, e-discovery providers are generally happy to follow. Casepoint, for example, announced Tuesday that it would be making its e-discovery platform available for use in the EU, a move that co-founder and COO Vipul Rajpara attributed to the needs of existing clients who are already doing business inside of EU borders.

Many of those clients are struggling to comply with strict information security laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while also dealing with the realities of a remote working environment that has pushed more and more data to the cloud. To stay one step ahead of regulators—or even cyber criminals—businesses have to be able to monitor and track that data’s movements. 

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