Frank Ready, ALM Media: For E-Discovery Vendors, Rebranding Brings Risk—But Bigger Rewards

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “For E-Discovery Vendors, Rebranding Brings Risk—But Bigger Rewards”

More e-discovery vendors may begin to remarket themselves as “information governance” or “content management” companies to capitalize on the lucrative business opportunities around such services as data monitoring or privacy compliance. While such a move may run the risk of diluting a vendor’s brand recognition, its benefits are likely to outweigh any potential peril.

Brett Burney of Burney Consultants pointed out that while descriptors such as “content management” can embody a wide range of services, it may also cause potential clients to feel “overwhelmed” and confused.  

“It’s just a byzantine labyrinth of, where do you even find information about ‘I just need an e-discovery tool.’ Or ‘I need a data privacy tool.’ … It’s just confusion in the marketplace,” he said. 

Still, e-discovery companies are beginning to push into services such as privacy or information governance that can put their existing skill sets and tech to new use. Casepoint, for example, recently made its platform available in the European Union to help companies keep their data management practices in line with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The company describes itself online as a vendor of “legal e-discovery and compliance software solutions.”

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