Frank Ready, ALM Media: Government Agencies Are Bracing for ‘Tidal Wave’ of E-Discovery Data

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Government Agencies Are Bracing for ‘Tidal Wave’ of E-Discovery Data”

On Tuesday, Relativity Fest dove into the challenges that e-discovery is facing within the halls of power. Over the course of two sessions—”Transforming Your E-Discovery Practice for State Agencies” and “Transforming Your E-Discovery Process for Federal Agencies”—panelists discussed the collective difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the “tidal wave” of new data sources they’ll soon have to contend with.

“I think it’s dangerous to be too complacent. The technology just doesn’t let you become too complacent,” said Rachel See, special assistant to Chair Janet Dhillon at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and a speaker on the federal agencies panel.

See was referring to the multitude of communications channels such as Microsoft Teams or Slack that have become commonly used among many federal or state agencies in an age of social distancing and remote working. 

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