Frank Ready, ALM Media: Legal Departments Using AI ‘Need to Go Slow to Go Fast’

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Legal Departments Using AI ‘Need to Go Slow to Go Fast'”

Artificial intelligence may be the technology of the future, but it can still be utterly befuddled by the mistakes of the past. During the “Learnings from Legal Industry’s Foray into AI” panel hosted by Wednesday’s edition of the 2021 Virtual ACC Xchange conference, panelists discussed the many dangers of treating AI like a magic wand rather than a strategic tool.

“There’s such a plethora of tools out there, it’s easy to get very, I think, enamored by those bright shiny objects. … You need to go slow to go fast in many ways,” said panelist Aine Lyons, vice president and deputy general counsel, global legal operations, services and privacy at VMware Inc.

Her own organization, for example, gradually rolled out the transition from manual to automated processes between 2013 and 2016. Once that was completed, the years spanning 2016 to 2019 were devoted to building out a network of integrated solutions—moving from point solutions to platforms.

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