Frank Ready, ALM Media: Want to Excel in E-Discovery? Join a Band.

Extract from Frank Ready’s article “Want to Excel in E-Discovery? Join a Band.”

Its not hard to spot the science in e-discovery, an industry that is literally built on software, data and machine networks. While that’s unlikely to change any time soon, focusing too closely on the ones and zeroes of it all runs the risk of glossing over the spark of creativity that can help propel success.

And it’s not just e-discovery that suffers. John Tredennick, executive director of the Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation, believes that the majority of the legal field has been conditioned either by law school or on the job experience to rely strictly on rationality and logic—sometimes to their detriment.  ”You can be a good technician, perhaps, if you’re good on the rational side, but you’ll never be great,” Tredennick said.

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