George Socha: eDiscovery Leaders Live: Michael Kriegal & Rajuan Pasha of TransPerfect

Extract from George Socha’s article “eDiscovery Leaders Live: Michael Kriegal & Rajuan Pasha of TransPerfect”

Michael Kriegal, Vice President, Consulting Services and Antitrust Practice Group at TransPerfect, and Rajuan Pasha, Director at TransPerfect, join George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

Rajuan is a Director in TransPerfect’s London, Dubai and EU eDiscovery Project Management Teams. He is an eDiscovery specialist with over 10 years’ experience of managing projects and providing consultancy services in litigations, arbitration, investigations, information governance, GDPR, TAR, and data analytics. Rajuan has worked for some of the largest eDiscovery vendors managing multi-jurisdictional and complex projects. He has hands-on experience of working on projects with bespoke and custom workflows, while providing support and advice to major law firm and corporate clients with managing their eDiscovery projects.

Michael Kriegal is a Vice President, Consulting Services and Antitrust Practice Group at TransPerfect Legal Solutions, where he leads the technical consulting team. This includes work related to TAR, analytics, onboarding of new technologies, application development, as well as creating solutions for the ever-expanding needs within the eDiscovery realm. Mike is always on the lookout for new data source types with a focus on solving clients’ needs for the review and production of non-standard data. Mike previously practiced law and subsequently gained valuable experience as an ESI analyst, project manager, and team lead of project managers.

Mike and Rajuan talked TAR adoption with me. They compared different levels of adoption in the UK – very high, at least for certain matters – with those in the US, Europe, and elsewhere. They discussed how adoption levels vary by type of matter, by degree of user experience and sophistication, and by the volume of documents in a matter. Rajuan and Mike also talked about various types of data analytics they use, the values those types offer, and some of the challenges posed by both those types of analytics and the types of data with which they are used. Finally, Mike and Rajuan turned to the impact of TAR and the level of TAR in merger control proceedings.

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