George Socha, Reveal: 2020 – A Year in Digital Review

Extract from George Socha’s article “2020 – A Year in Digital Review”

Year’s end is just around the corner, and it’s been a year like none other (and we don’t mean COVID-19).

NexLP joined Reveal, bringing its cutting-edge AI and premier data science team lead by Jay Leib. EDRM co-founder George Socha joined as well, and promptly kicked off the popular eDiscovery Leaders Live series with thirteen interviews to date. Reveal upped its game with Version 10, a modernized and redesigned version of our platform.

Service provider, law firm, and corporate clients launched new relationships with Reveal or built on existing ones. Those launching new relationships included the service provider Orbital, the KRCL law firm, and the contracting, management, and design-build firm Balfour Beatty, all of whom engaged Reveal as their preferred eDiscovery platform. Prominent examples of clients building on existing relationships included Epiq, which announced a global artificial intelligence enterprise licensing agreement; DLA Piper, which partnered with Reveal to develop a suite of groundbreaking AI solutions; and Pillsbury, which expanded the firm’s access to Reveal’s complete next-generation platform.

We upped our posting game as well, covering a wide range of issues. We hit on trends, wrote about budgets, remote work, and the future of legal review. We looked at what eDiscovery companies get wrong and offered advice on ways to get eDiscovery right. We examined artificial intelligence – what it is; where it does, could, and should fit in the world of eDiscovery; and ways to use it such as with translation and image detection and classification.

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