George Socha, Reveal: 2021 Year in Review: eDiscovery Leaders Live

Extract from George Socha’s article “2021 Year in Review: eDiscovery Leaders Live”

2021 was a busy year for eDiscovery Leaders Live. We hosted discussions with 57 guests from across the industry and around the world, covering a wide array of topics.

We had guests from corporations, law firms, both defense and plaintiff oriented, service providers, academia, and Reveal. We heard from people in the United States, but also hosted folks from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Our guests talked about how they make effective use of AI models, sentiment analysis, and other AI tools to quickly learn details about individuals, understand the emotional content of their communications, and find anomalous activities, to look for gaps in productions, and even build out new lines of business.

They discussed the impact of COVID on eDiscovery, technology adoption challenges and opportunities, the changing dynamics of the corporate, law firm, and service provider triangle, and the evolution of eDiscovery professionals. They addressed the expansion of eDiscovery within law firms and its impact on related areas such as knowledge management. They discussed related topics, like data breach, privacy, and cross-border challenges. They talked about the teaching of eDiscovery as well as the transformational impact of technology on the practice of law. My Reveal colleagues discussed the merger of Reveal and Brainspace, the use of AI in eDiscovery, the value of a customer success program, and Reveal’s expanding certification program.

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