George Socha, Reveal: After 15 Years, Has the eDiscovery EDRM Model Been Realized?

Extract from George Socha’s article “After 15 Years, Has the eDiscovery EDRM Model Been Realized?”

The EDRM model guides us through the eDiscovery process. It helps us understand what actions we may need to take, and in what general order. It gives us a framework to which we can map the people, the services, and the tools or platforms we may want to use.

Folks from legal departments, law firms, and eDiscovery vendors always have tended to focus on the model’s boxes at the expense of its other components. It was – and continues to be – commonplace to see versions of the EDRM diagram displaying only the boxes, with all the other elements stripped out. Providers in particular use these stripped-down versions. They then highlight boxes where they offer capabilities and de-emphasize remaining boxes.

The EDRM model, however, is more than a circle and eight boxes. When considered in its totality – circle and boxes, lines colored and grey, and triangles yellow and green – the model presents a vision seldom realized.

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