George Socha, Reveal: eDiscovery Leaders Live: David Stanton of Pillsbury Law

Extract from George Socha’s “eDiscovery Leaders Live: David Stanton of Pillsbury Law”

Each week on eDiscovery Leaders Live, I chat with a leader in eDiscovery or related areas. Our guest on December 11 was David Stanton, eDiscovery partner at Pillsbury.

David and I discussed how he got started in eDiscovery, the expansion of eDiscovery in his firm, and the growing risks and demands that impelled Pillsbury to build out their eDiscovery operations. We talked about how to build a strong internal eDiscovery operation. David talked about that build-out, especially the importance of the people involved, and about the imperative for them to compete on value. We also examined the goals behind eDiscovery; principal among them, as David noted, speed to narrative. David talked about the technology stack that powers the work his team does, in particular the power of advanced AI and reusable AI models, and closed with his thoughts on an ideal eDiscovery platform.

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