George Socha, Reveal: How Many Hurdles are in Your Foreign Language Document Review Process?

Extract from George Socha’s article “How Many Hurdles are in Your Foreign Language Document Review Process?”

Foreign language document review posses hurdles. Modern law suits and investigations pull in content from many languages, not just English. Attorneys, investigators, and allied professionals need to work with English language and non-English language content with equal facility. They need platforms that allow them to conduct foreign language document review, apply predictive coding and another analytical capabilities without concern about the languages involved, and even convert their user interface into other languages. And because they are dealing with ever-increasing volumes of continuously more complex and diverse data, they need legal technology powered by artificial intelligence so that they can get their work done quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

These are realistic goals. Today’s AI-driven technology is capable identifying numerous languages, converting content from many different languages to many other languages, and even converting the user interface itself into other languages.

Let’s step through the hurdles of foreign language document review and how they can be addressed.

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