George Socha, Reveal: What Is An AI Model?

Extract from George Socha’s article “What Is An AI Model?”

What Is An AI Model?
Reveal makes extensive use of AI models. Generally, an AI model is a software program that has been trained on a set of data to perform specific tasks like recognizing certain patterns. Artificial intelligence models use decision-making algorithms to learn from the training and data and apply that learning to achieve specific pre-defined objectives.

Reveal offers a Model Library which consists of a collection of pre-existing models you can use straight out of the box, extend or adapt to suit your specific needs, or stack and pack to achieve a larger objective. We give you the ability to create your own AI models, which you can use for your own purposes as well as make available to others via our Model Marketplace. We also will work with you to create custom models such as the ones that drive DLA Piper’s Aiscension and those used by Epiq in its new AI Model Library program.

Types of AI Models
There are various types of AI models, defined by the means used to create them. Three approaches used in data science are supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and semi-supervised learning models.

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