George Socha, Reveal: What is Technology Assisted Review?

Extract from George Socha’s article “What is Technology Assisted Review?”

If we are going to discuss Technology Assisted Review, or TAR, we should start at the beginning.

“Electronically stored information”, or “ESI”, is information that is stored in electronic form. Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is about what we do with ESI.

Stepping back a little, a lawsuit or investigation almost always is the outgrowth of one or more events where one or more people did something. Lawyers and investigators need to locate – or “discover” – information about those events, those people. They need this information for three basic reasons. First, they use it to figure out what appears to have happened. Second, they use ESI to help build that stories they need to tell, their explanations of what happened, as well as to counter the stories told by other such as opposing counsel. Third, they generally need to produce some portion of the ESI to others such as other litigants or regulatory agencies.

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