George Socha, Reveal: Which eDiscovery Platform Deployment Options Are Right for You?

Extract from George Socha’s article “Which eDiscovery Platform Deployment Options Are Right for You?”

In eDiscovery in the Cloud and On-Premises, I discussed the four leading eDiscovery platform deployment options:  in the cloud; on your premises; as a cloud/on-prem hybrid; and as a mobile offering, installed on an appliance or laptop.

In this post, I will address how you can determine which deployment model – or combination of models – is likely to best meet your needs, accommodate your workflow, and fit in your budget.

Of course, no single deployment model is best for all situations, and a single organization might decide its interests are best met by deploying two or more models simultaneously. To make an informed decision about which model or models to use, you will have to look at your particular requirements, wants, and circumstances. You also will need to factor in the specific eDiscovery software and legal technologies you are considering deploying, as not all tools work in all settings.

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