George Socha, Reveal: Why I joined the Reveal eDiscovery Team

Extract from George Socha’s article “Why I joined the Reveal eDiscovery Team”

I am thrilled to join Reveal as Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness, helping guide development of Reveal’s eDiscovery platform and consulting with Reveal customers on the effective deployment of legal technology.

With over three decades in the legal industry, I have followed a long road to arrive at this destination. At each step, I have sought to deploy the best available technology to support and enhance the practice of law. As a law student, I built a sneaker-ware matter management system for the school’s legal aid clinic. As a practicing litigator, I dove into database systems almost from day one as a way to better organize and understand case information. I drove the transition from photocopies of discovery documents to the use of those documents as images on CD, the better to be able to get at and work with the information in those documents. I was an early adopter of real-time court reporting, using it the matters I worked on as well as taking the technology firmwise. And, starting in the early 1990s, I made extensive use of electronically stored information to conduct investigations and work up lawsuits and take them to trial. As a consultant, I continue that push, conducting extensive surveys of the eDiscovery market, helping craft eDiscovery processes and technology, and most notably co-creating EDRM.

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