Gregory Bufithis, Project Counsel Media Group: LegalTech 2019: Chat with Nick Robinson of Microsoft

Extract from Gregory Bufithis’ article “LegalTech 2019: A Chat with Nick Robinson of Microsoft About “in Place” E-Discovery Analytics”

20 March 2019 (Brussels, Belgium) – Over the last several years I have had the opportunity to meet with and interview numerous Microsoft executives at events like the International Cyber Security Conference in Lille France, the Munich Security Conference in Munich Germany, and the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona Spain.

Those people have included:

1. John Frank (Vice President for EU Government Affairs at Microsoft) who has been at the forefront of rethinking our approach to battling the rise of “Nation State Actors” — countries engaging in espionage, propaganda and/or disinformation campaigns — and the vast resources and capabilities at their disposal.

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