H5 Announces Privilege Analytics for Advanced Automation of Privilege Review in Hosted Datasets

H5 Announces Privilege Analytics for Advanced Automation of Privilege Review in Hosted Datasets

New capabilities in H5 Matter Analytics® remove error-prone, time-consuming manual tasks that have long prevented advances in privilege review cost and risk containment.

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) JANUARY 27, 2020 – H5 today announced a new release of H5 Matter Analytics that enhances the H5 well-established Relativity®-integrated application with the power of advanced privilege analytics that automate labor-intensive tasks in the privilege review workflow to expedite eDiscovery, reduce costs, and facilitate identification of privileged information.

The arduous chore of identifying potentially privileged information in massive datasets has long been a headache in eDiscovery. The workflow to detect, review, and log potentially privileged communications is routinely bogged down by scattershot manual searches for lawyer names and sensitive content across huge volumes of data. Further, privilege status may be challenging to assess when difficult-to-parse email threads contain names of third parties.

The new release of H5 Matter Analytics leverages the strength of email threading and name normalization techniques already present in the software, adding to it privilege analytics to automate identification of discernable lawyers, lawyer communications, lawyer mentions and legal discussions, resulting in prioritized tiers of potentially privileged documents, including identification of documents that may be subject to privilege waiver.

Advanced email analytics also provide visibility into privilege actors and content in subsumed and derived email message headers. H5MA creates re-usable profiles with normalized names for people and organizations and also provides templates for tailored privilege rules and reasons to expedite privilege logging and enhance accuracy and uniformity across matters in an entire portfolio.

“There are few technologies in the marketplace that effectively address privilege and privilege logging, which are huge costs in litigation,” said Jason Richard, H5’s Vice President of Products. “H5 Matter Analytics targets the most challenging parts of the privilege workflow, adding quality search capabilities to the identification of potentially privileged information and providing automated, customizable name normalization and designation of privilege reasons. We’re very excited to leverage nearly 20 years of service and technology experience in this new release to help customers address the costs and risks associated with privilege review.”    

The new release of H5 Matter Analytics will be on display at Legaltech 2020 to be held at the Hilton Hotel in New York from February 4-6, and will be widely available shortly thereafter.

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