H5: New Rules, New Tools: AI and Compliance.

Extract from H5’s article “New Rules, New Tools: AI and Compliance.”

We live in the era of Big Data. The exponential pace of technological development continues to generate immense amounts of digital information that can be analyzed, sorted, and utilized in previously impossible ways. In this world of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other advanced technologies, questions of privacy, government regulations, and compliance have taken on a new prominence across industries of all kinds.

With this in mind, H5 recently convened a panel of experts to discuss the latest compliance challenges that organizations are facing today, as well as ways that AI can be used to address those challenges. Some key topics covered in the discussion included:

  • Understanding use cases involving technical approaches to data classification.
  • Exploring emerging data classification methods and approach.
  • Setting expectations within your organization for the deployment of AI technology.
  • Keeping an AI solution compliant.
  • Preventing introducing bias into your AI models.

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